Local Missions Team – Day 5

Today we headed to Seven Bridges to Recovery where we joined forces with Cornerstone Prep School. We assembled sack lunches to give to the homeless who live under the Interstates in downtown Atlanta. We learned that the D.O.T. had gone in on Thursday and cleared out the area, so there were not as many people as usual. We were dreading going out in the rain, but we were reminded that we have a home to go back to and the homeless do not. Once we arrived at the Interstate, we realized that what we were doing was very meaningful. We found many homeless people wrapped up in blankets in order to stay warm and dry and gave them sack lunches and prayed with them. All of the people we met were so gracious.

I must say that I have a completely different perspective of the homeless after this experience. It is one thing to hear about it and study about it, but seeing it first hand is eye opening. I am ashamed for complaining about anything. I have so much, and these people have so little, yet they remain faithful to God. I believe this is exactly what most of our students came away with also. I feel that we were far more blessed by these homeless people, than they were by us.

Kelly Staud

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