Xtreme Men Team – Day 4

Day 4 was the toughest day for the Xtreme Men. Mr. Faulk did an devotion on how to treat women- that was good. Then we went to Publix in Alpharetta to take a grilling class. Keyshawn and Hunter were “killing it” on the grill. The grilled up some flank steak, potatoes, and squash. Then everyone got to eat what they cooked. They guys were much better grillers than the girls (Proverbs 31:30) according to popular sentiment. We were told their steaks were much more flavorful, tender, and juicy!

After lunch, we went to Blanket’s Creek Mountain Bike Trail in Canton. It was a very hard trail, almost straight uphilll. So hard, we found out, that some of the guys’ bikes were not so extreme. Half of the Xtreme men had to turn back because their chains broke, tires popped, or they crashed. Hunter Ware almost took out the entire basketball team! Conner Kailey flipped over the handle bars twice. After a very high climb up the mountain, we had a very fun downhill. It was crazy fast with huge roots, big rocks, and fast-sharp turns. We ended the run going down the EXPERT trail. Stephon rocked the run going very high on a 90 degree-banked turn. All the guys were cut up, torn up, and worn down after day 4 of being extreme!

Aaron Williams

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