MS Home Team – Thursday, 4/2/15

The Middle School Home Team had a quick change of plans this morning due to the weather forecast and headed North to the Tennessee Aquarium.  We explored the Ocean side first and really enjoyed seeing the penguins, butterflies and then the sharks for sure.  We took a break for lunch and walked over to Cheeburger – Cheeburger where students had fun dining on Fried Pickles, Cheeseburgers, Fries, Onion Rings and Milkshakes.  It was then back to the aquarium for a tour of the River Journey side and the otters were a definite hit along with a cool Seahorse exhibit and many other animals.  I heard lots of laughs and saw them pose for several pictures as the students moved through both buildings.

Afterwards, we all walked over to the IMAX Theatre and watched a film titled, “Jerusalem”.  It was a great show that gave students a first hand look at the land, buildings and markets inside modern day Jerusalem.  It also discussed the archaeological efforts being done today and even showed us how Palm Sunday and Easter are celebrated there.  The film was very interesting and I heard many positive comments as we headed out of the theatre.  We then made a quick stop at Ben & Jerry’s for a snack before boarding the bus and heading back to NCCS to close out what has been an absolutely fantastic week together!

Jeff Jackson

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