Proverbs 31:31 – Thursday, 4/2/15

Revealing Our Inner Beauty

For our last day together we went to Lake Acworth to do our devotion. The devotion this morning was different than what we did the previous days. We each got a pink balloon and we wrote our strongholds on it. This was a way for us to see it, share it, and let them go. Even though these strong holds we each have will not completely just go away, rather it’s a way for us recognize that these are there and hopefully let go soon. It was a beautiful and sentimental time that we all spent together for the last time.

We then went to the mall and got our nails and makeup done. This was a really nice treat that we all looked forward to. All week long we had pushed past our limit and we were able to see that we could do anything we set our mind to. So today was a nice day to relax and reflect on the week we had. Mrs. Cochran and Coach Sanders split us up into 2 groups. The 1st group went to get their make-up done while the 2nd group went to get their nails done.

After we got all made up and looking pretty, we got lunch and headed back to the school to finish preparing for our photo shoot. We got dressed and headed to the photo-shoot, which was absolutely beautiful and amazing. Each girl got with their photographer which was one to the Photography Spring Term team photographers. The photo-shoot was a way for all the girls to show how beautiful we really are to people, but most importantly to ourselves. This was a great way to end a physically and mentally challenging week!

Morgan Cochran

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