Snowbird – Thursday, 4/2/15

Hello to all! The blog of the day is brought to you by your super senior bloggers, Nic Englert and Joseph Loo! We are happy to be here and guide you through the journey of Day 4, so sit back and enjoy the ride as we attempt to impress our Lit teacher!

The troops are weary from the previous day’s activities and their morale was low. Lack of sleep was evident at breakfast, but the rush of soda in the morning soon turned that around. After a delicious meal consisting of pizza and cereal, we trekked towards the Worship Center for a breakout session entitled: “How to Study Your Bible.” Our speaker Rob thoroughly explained the fundamentals of getting in the Word and it’s significance in order to truly grow closer to God. One note of interest: for anyone looking for somewhere to start, try starting in Matthew and work your way through the New Testament.  This was encouragement for the students to apply into their day as they began their extra-curricular activities.

Filing out of the Worship Center, the students took this time to take care of any needs they had. This ranged from showers, to catching up on some sleep, or even taking it to the volleyball and basketball courts to settle some Snowbird feuds. The games were intense; many feelings were hurt, along with the pride of our defeated enemies. We celebrated with a trip to the dining hall where we were greeted with a delicious array of food that satisfied the soul. This prepared us for the incredible adventures that were in store for us after lunch.

Now it was time for bloodshed. Bruised and battered, the students limped off the battlefield, where the guys were eager to see who had the worst war-wound. Meaning, we played paintball. We soon left the Field of Glory to try our at hand at different activities. Many of us tried out the Goliath Swing, The Zip line, 3-Man Swing, and the Gun Range. This was exciting for many of us as most had never shot a gun before. Joseph, the man whose work you are also reading, shot his first gun today. His gun of choice, the 20-gauge shotgun, went 8/8 while skeet shooting. Many others shot for the first time as well and had a great time. But I wish we could have kept the earpieces from the gun range to drown out Mr. Ritchey’s scream from the 3-man swing. This place really keeps you on your toes. One example was the wonderful message given by Brody at tonight’s service.

Before the amazing service, there was a skit led by two staff members, Cam and Gens. They demonstrated how we have all of this pent up sin that we hold on to and they used red paint on a window to symbolize the mess it makes. Then Jesus comes and cleans it, making it clear once again; an image that truly represents what Christ does for us everyday. Brody then talked about God “clearing sin” from our lives. He used an illustration of an iPhone, where there are open apps that can build up until they overcome the phone and drains the battery. Brody’s assistant, as God does, double clicks the Home Button and swipes all of those unwanted and wasteful apps from his phone. In the same way God opens those up, and just swipes them away, forgetting our sin, giving us new life. An Illustration most every teenager can relate to nowadays.

As we bring this tale to an end, we reflect on this week. Tomorrow is the day we leave and it is somewhat upsetting. This is our last spring term, a four-year journey coming to an end. This trip was something else and it is sad to leave it all. We are grateful for the amazing teachers on this trip who are so willing to lead and guide us. AKA we need a good grade this last quarter. Thanks for following us on tonight’s journey; we really appreciate you guys thinking we’re interesting people.

Signing off,

Nic and Joseph…Nic and Joseph…writing a blog with Nic and Joseph

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