Local Missions/Atlanta – Friday – 4.1.16

Our final day of Spring Term began with a great devotional from Mrs. Jarvis. She reminded us that we are responsible for our actions and decisions. After our devotional and prayer, we headed back to downtown Atlanta for the College Football Hall of Fame. The students were able to choose their favorite college team and then have a customized trip through the hall. Some tried their skills at throwing and kicking the football on the playing field while others showcased their speaking skills at the sports desk as a guest announcer. After everyone had finished at the College Football Hall of Fame, we grabbed a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A and headed to the Atlanta Zoo. The weather was perfect, and the animals were active today. Chase and Ronny tried to pick up some part-time work as impromptu guides, but it did not quite work out for them. After visiting with the animals and riding the train and carousel a few times, it was time to set our course for the trip back to North Cobb Christian School. This week has been full of adventure and loaded with laughter. This group of students was amazing. I hope they will share all of their stories with you because they are too numerous to fit into this blog. Thank you for supporting us in this spring term, I hope that each life has been changed a little for the better, I know mine has.

Mrs. Kim Kammerdiener

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