Local Missions/Cobb – Friday – 4.1.16

Local Missions: Cobb County has had a great week of discovering the treasures in our own community. Mr. Shaffer saved some of his favorite spots for last!

We started the day with a visit to Ms. Orefice’s kindergarten class, who had been faithfully praying for our team. The Lower Schoolers sat on the carpet and listened to the Upper Schoolers tell some stories about our week. Everyone was relieved and grateful that the kindergarteners’ prayers had protected us from all the ghosts, like Florence, living in the old houses we visited (see Wednesday’s post). The kindergarteners paired off with the big kids to exchange more stories and draw pictures together. Brooklyn from Ms. Orefice’s class led us in another sweet prayer before we headed out to the bus for our next excursion.

We took a short ride down Old 41 to the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in downtown Kennesaw. The railroad tracks in use today follow the same path as the Western & Atlantic line that was so crucial to the development of the South in the 1800s. Several cargo trains delayed the bus, and their whistles interrupted the docent’s tour, so we definitely felt the presence of the railway. We learned about one of the most thrilling episodes in the Civil War, which played out only yards away from the museum – the Great Locomotive Chase. Yankees (a group now called Andrew’s Raiders) snuck into the Confederate camp at Big Shanty (the old name for Kennesaw) and stole a locomotive called the General. As they took off toward Chattanooga, they left obstructions on the track and cut the telegraph wires. The train’s conductor, William Fuller, took the theft as an assault on his professional pride, and he chased the train on foot with a couple of companions. They commandeered a pushcart and two other locomotives to catch up to the General. At the climax of the chase, Fuller and his friends had flagged down the Texas, which was south-bound, but Fuller and his friends drove the train backwards to catch Andrew’s Raiders, when the General literally ran out of steam. The General itself is on display, and it is quite impressive!

The Southern Museum had other neat things, like clothing and playing cards from the 19th century. We learned that all babies, even boys, wore dresses in that era, because it made it easier to change their diapers! Lucy Park tapped out her name in Morse code on an old telegraph machine, and we saw how one engine could power a whole section of a factory in the exhibit on the Glover Machine Works (same Glover as Glover Park in Marietta Square). One of the coolest items on display was a boxcar given to the United States as a gift from France after World War II. French people filled 49 train boxcars with tokens of gratitude – paintings, dresses, you name it – and gave one to each state and the District of Columbia (Alaska and Hawaii weren’t states yet). Georgia’s boxcar is really well preserved, and it serves as a reminder of the lengths to which the American and French people will go to serve one another.

After the museum, we enjoyed a lovely picnic in Smith-Gilbert Gardens. This was a private home and garden, but now it is open to the public. There were so many gorgeous blooms to brighten our afternoon. Bonsai trees, koi pond, perennials, fine sculptures… there was too much to see! After we took a guided tour, we got to let out our inner-child and play with bubbles. We thanked the Lord and the staff at Smith-Gilbert by pulling weeds at the end of the day.

All week we saw such rich treasures here in our own corner of the world. Cobb County has more to offer than most of us realized. Now that we are better acquainted with the roots of our community, we are all better equipped to serve it, love it, and claim more of it for God’s glory.

“For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep…” (Acts 13:36).

Kate Seat

Student Reactions

“I loved getting to go to the garden today! It was extremely beautiful and it was so much fun playing with bubbles!”
-Anna Lineberry

“My favorite part about today was getting to pray and be with the little kids, as well as touring the garden with my friends!”
-Hunter Norman

*See more pictures in the Local Missions/Cobb album on the NCCS Facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/NorthCobbChristianSchool/

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