Middle School Home Team – Friday – 4.1.16

Today we took our adventure down to Atlanta one final time. This time we had a very educational and eye opening experience at the Martin Luther Jr. museum. Once we parked there was a little bit of hesitancy expressed by a few students because we were in an area of Atlanta that was outside of their comfort zone. However, after walking through the museum and watching the video that really explained the purpose for why Dr. King did what he did, the students were able to gain a new perspective. Some of the takeaways as stated by the students were they didn’t know Dr. King faced the life threats and that his house was bombed trying to take out his family. One student stated that he noticed that when he got a phone call one night telling him to back down from going to Montgomery to speak that he would be risking his life. His response to that threat was to go to Jesus with the burden he felt to give him the strength to overcome his fear and lead all the others well. The Martin Luther King Jr. Museum really helped our students gain a new understanding of ways to handle conflict in a peaceful and godly manner that wouldn’t typically be noticed if we were in any other setting.

After the museum we stepped across the street to walk through the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. King and his father both served as Pastor. We then walked by the tomb of Dr. King and his wife Coretta Scott King. Across from the tomb was the eternal flame that represented the lasting impact the King family had on the community.

We ended our journey of the Martin Luther King Jr. experience and we traveled just a few minutes up the road to the world famous Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant. The popular item on the menu was of course the chicken and waffles, or as it was written in the menu “midnight train.” Myson was almost in tears because this was the part of the entire week he was looking forward to the most. This was a great experience for everyone. Highly recommended!

We finished the day with a round of putt putt at Mountasia. We weren’t able to ride the go-carts because they didn’t open the track till 3 o’clock. However the round of putt putt became very competitive. Buck, Rebecca, Danny, and Logan played in one group with Mrs. Poplin and Coach Poplin tagging along. The other group had Will, Myson, Zak, and Morgan. Buck came out on top but the others were very close.

This week was a blast! The 13 students that took part in this trip walked away with more than an experience. They were able to build new friendships and see people in ways they would not have perceived them before. The moments of this week were only temporary, but the memories of Spring Term 2016 will last. To God be the glory for all He has done, is doing, and will do through the week of Spring Term at North Cobb Christian School!


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