Photography – Friday – 4.1.16

Day 5 was a home day. We had two things we did on campus- we made brochures of our trip and we did one last photo contest.

Mr. Williams brought Paradise Donuts for us to eat while we worked on our travel brochures. We had to use our pictures from the trip to make a brochure for people to visit Pensacola. Then Mr. Williams and Mr. Rupp judged the brochures. Eden Allen came in first for the grand prize of the week, with Blake Punch second, and Brianna Daly and Kali Arcemont tied for third. EVERYONE did on an awesome job on these brochures!

The last part of our spring term we took pictures of the track and cars from the Mach 5 racing club. This was a lot more fun than expected. We had to take a still shot and an action shot. Probably, the best part of this was the action shots with the lights off, and long shutter speeds. This created the really cool effect of the long trailing lights. We had one last photo contest and there were lots of winners. We were all winners by being able to take a lot of pictures this week in a variety of locations, using different types of photography, and really learning how to use our cameras better.

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