Proverbs 31:30 – Friday – 4.1.16

Today was the last day of our trip together. It was the final day that all twelve of us ninth grade girls would officially be on our Proverbs 31:30 Spring Term group. But that was not the point of this spring term. It doesn’t matter that we aren’t on the trip anymore and that we aren’t going on fun excursions together, we are still Proverbs 31 young women.

I have developed such a close bond with the girls and teachers on this trip and can say with certainty that the others did as well. We have a Godly sisterhood in each other, one that revolves around the word of God and depends on the unity of all of the members. Today we would have gone hiking and sure, it would have probably been fun and we could have a few laughs and enjoy ourselves, but I thank God that we did something entirely different.

After a brief trip to the nail salon to glam up our fingers, we spent the rest of the day at Coach Sanders’ house. One goal that we had had for the week was to memorize Proverbs 31:10-30. To be quite honest it was a little stressful to get up in front of everyone and recite twenty verses, but it wasn’t about the recitation. It wasn’t about the fluidity or the speed or the pauses or the slip-ups. It was about so much more: knowing how to be a Godly woman. As long as we knew what God wanted for us in the verses and carried them with us in our hearts, it certainly didn’t matter that someone mixed a few lines around.

After the verses, we were all given a rose and told that there was a perfect, special someone made for each and every one of us. We got wooden planks artfully painted with “she is more precious than jewels” on the front. Both teachers wrote thoughtful, individualized letters for every single girl that were so wonderful and heartwarming.

Then came the final (and in my opinion the most important) part of the day. A plain pink balloon was handed to every girl as we sat in a circle together. The purpose of this balloon was to load onto it all of our fears, our insecurities, and anything weighing down on our hearts. We went around the circle and everyone, even the teachers, opened up to reveal what was a weight in their lives. This time was so important to me. Not only was I able to talk freely with these ladies, but I was able to hear from each one of them and I learned so much about them. After having a great talk (and shedding a few needed tears) we prayed together and went out onto the porch. There, we stood in a circle and held out the balloons that held our fears and problems and anything that kept us from praising the Lord as much as we should. And then together, we let them go. Like a flock of round pink birds, the balloons drifted off into the clouds. We had all offered our fears up to God.

I wasn’t sad when we boarded the bus together or even when we arrived at the school. I knew that all of us had a special friendship now. We promised to one another that no matter what, we wouldn’t let go of the bond we formed. So farewell, Proverbs Spring Term Trip, thank you for the great memories and bringing us closer to God. Thank you for the lessons and the knowledge of being Christian women. And finally, thank you so much for the wonderful girls I got to share the week with. Hannah, Caitlin, Shaye, Katie, Alex, Casey, Avery, Lindsay, Erika, Haley, Kate, Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Cochran, thank you so much for everything. I look forward to our future together, knowing that no matter what, this trip impacted us all.

Goodbye, Spring Term 2016 and Hello to whatever the Lord plans for us. It’s been a good one… It truly has.

~ Kylie Tobey

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