MS Home Team – Tuesday – 3.28.17

What a day! When students tell you how great a time they had without having to ask if they enjoyed their day, then you know it was a good day!

We started our day with a devotional on Elijah lighting a fire (1 Kings 18). We then ventured up to Red Top Mountain State Park and had a day full of exploration and adventure. We played in the creek finding crawfish, salamanders, and bugs. The students loved getting in the creek just to get their feet wet. We walked through the woods flipping logs and rocks to see what kind of “critters” lived underneath. We picked up worms, insects, and even found more salamanders. Rylee Tate found the smallest turtle any of us, including our amazing park ranger, Hannah, had ever seen. It was literally the size of a quarter.

After our tromp through the woods and wade in the creek everyone started a fire using a cotton ball, vaseline, and a magnesium fire starter. They were all successful starting their fires and tarted two cooking fires for lunch. The students packed their tin-foil pouches with hamburger, potatoes, carrots, and onions. Some added a little shredded cheddar cheese and Lawry’s seasoning salt. We closed the pouches and through them in the fire to cook. Fifteen minutes later we had some of the best campfire food you ever tasted! Then we had dessert. Some chose the traditional s’mores. Others chose the more challenging dessert by cutting an orange open and putting a cinnamon roll in and covered it with tin-foil then through it in the fire to cook. Then they unwrapped the gooey goodness inside the orange added the icing and voila!

Once we got everything cleaned up, we finished our day by cleaning up the outdoor classroom and filling up all the bird feeders. The students raved about the food and the fun all the way home. Looking forward to day two!

Hunter Poplin


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