Colombia – Thursday – 3.30.17

Buenos Dias~~

This morning we awoke, got packed, and left Hotel Barranquilla Plaza. We were all sad from saying goodbyes to our new found friends as we took a two hour trip to Cartagena.  Cartagena was more historic with its walled city and a castle.  Cartagena is more touristic while Barranquilla is more business oriented.  When the bus pulled up to the hotel, we had to quickly move all our stuff into the hotel as to not hold up the already busy traffic on a narrow cobblestoned street. Mrs. Clark mentioned that we had cautiously orchestrated chaos in unloading the bus!

“After checking in, we went to lunch at a nice local restaurant.  Lily and Blaine had cow tongue for lunch!!  I had the most delicious churrasco a la parrilla, grilled steak dish, in my entire life. I wanted to stop eating, but the very last bite was so good that I couldn’t stop even though I was so full. It was so good that I wished I could just keep the meat in my pocket, have it stay at the same temperature, and just pull it out later to eat it.”    —  Reece Pascoe

“At the restaurant, I had to call the waitress back in Spanish since she skipped my order.  It was nerve wrecking at first, but once the words started coming, it became easier due to my experience here in last few days. I feel that my Spanish has definitely improved because of constant exposure of our Spanish surrounding.”   — Robert Mathis IV

We toured Spanish Inquisition Museum in which we saw torture devices that were riveting. Although people have used God as a foot stool for their own wrong-doings, we were reminded of Titus 3:5,  “He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy.  He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit”, in which God still showed us His mercy and grace.

After touring the museum, it started to drizzle.  It was the first time we had seen rain on this trip!  We also walked up to the Castillo de San Filipe which was a treacherous hike, but the sight from the top outweighed the painful sensation in our legs. We gazed down at the entire city and the ocean, and we were astonished by the view.  (“I am such a philosopher!” said Reece Pascoe, as Robert Mathis IV shakes his head next to him.)

Afterwards, we broke into three groups with our teachers and explored the city shopping, practicing our Spanish to get money exchanged, donating Mrs. Jarvis’ fan to a shop, asking directions in Spanish, and ordering food and coffee all of which we tried our best on our own.

Cartagena has been very flavorful, full of life, and different personalties. We hope that we will have more fun as we explore its culture tomorrow.

— Reece Pascoe & Robert Mathis IV

Quotes of the Day:

“I feel sick but not that kind of sick…” —  Grady Lewis
(sad from saying goodbyes to Colegio Nazareth friends and leaving Barranquilla)

“I just missed the kids from Colegio Nazareth…”  – Lindsay Haley

Hannah Jarvis

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