DIY – Thursday – 3.30.17

God Makes us Fruitful

Today was a busy day for all of us in the DIY Spring Term! We started off our morning with devotions led by Mary Claire Norman. Our topic for the day was how God makes us fruitful if we abide in Him. For a short time this morning we caught up on all of the projects from the past three days and painted crosses to take to our prayer partners. At around 9:30 we loaded up the picture hangers we made on Monday and Tuesday and set out for the Flowering Branch Children’s home.

Once there, we went on a brief tour of the children’s home and learned about all of the services they offer to children who have faced some form of abuse. After our tour, we prayed over our gifts and left them in the residents’ rooms. Then we broke up into teams and started working on some service projects the volunteer coordinator assigned us. Our main job was organizing and sorting through different storage spaces on the campus. From Christmas decorations to clothing donations, our students worked hard to get things cleaned up and ready for use. Ashton Merritt and Lily Li organized a tool closet in the main building, while most of our other students worked outside in other storage spaces.

After all of our projects were done, we headed to Lakepoint station for an afternoon of pizza, laser tag, and putt putt. The red team won at laser tag, and after that students split up to play putt putt, enjoy the rock climbing walls, and fellowship with each other. We are looking forward to our last day of Spring Term tomorrow!

Sarah Cook


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