Local Missions: Cobb – Thursday – 3.30.17

Books for Africa

Today we went to Books for Africa in Atlanta. It was amazing to see how many books were donated. It was also eye opening to know that children in Africa my age haven’t even seen a book yet. I really enjoyed working with everybody to sort and package the books knowing that I’ll be  making a difference in someone’s life in Africa, allowing them to hold a book for the first time.
– Chandler Quigley

On day 4 of Local Missions: Cobb NCCS Spring Term, we went to the packaging facility for Books for Africa. It was a great opportunity to know that we can use older books that we no longer read to help those who do not have easy access to books. We got to separate the books into different categories and grades, so that when the African villages order books, they will get what will benefit them the most. It really opened me up to realizing what is just another old book that hasn’t been touched in years to us, could be a life changing item for another child.
– Robert Lang


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