Marine Biology – Thursday – 3.30.17

Today was the most exciting day so far in my opinion. Today we went to the Tennessee Aquarium as well as on a river boat tour.  After about an hour and 15 minutes we arrived at the aquarium.

Everyone got out and we met in a group. From there we entered the salt water part of the aquarium. First, we saw lemurs and monkeys before we entered the stingray petting zoo and were able to pet them, as well as some sharks and fish. After that we went into the butterfly habitat and got to see the butterflies. We then proceeded to go visit the penguins and after that we got to see the massive fish tank and see all the beautiful fish that God has created.

After viewing the saltwater aquarium, we went on our boat tour of the Tennessee river. After we pulled out of the dock and started down the river, our tour guide started talking about different things. She first talked about the different barges along the sides of the river and what they did and the power of the boat we were on. We traveled down the river as she talked about birds and the different ones that migrated there. We were allowed after a while to go on top of the boat and look at things in the shore such as different birds. After we wrapped around this island and got back on the main river we headed back to the dock. Just before we got back, we were allowed to go on top of the boat while the captain made the boat do a 360 which was fun. After that we went to have dinner and ice cream. 

We then went into the freshwater aquarium to view some of the animals and fish. It was cool looking at the otters and then seeing all the large freshwater fish. We also saw some alligators as well as seahorses. After that we headed back to the front to meet up with the rest of the group and head home.



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