Xtreme Men – Thursday – 3.30.17

We woke up today in beautiful Sedona for one last day of adventure, and today was a long day of Mountain Biking.

Sedona is known as one of the most iconic and visited mountain bike destinations in the country! The mountain bike trails are ridiculously fun and extremely varied. The trails we rode in Sedona range from Chutes and Ladders-style twists and turns on dusty singletrack through loose piñon pine and junipers, to nonstop rollercoaster ups and downs with blocky sandstone step-ups and step-downs, with big basins and swells of slick rock to play in at every turn.

Of course, the students need bikes to handle the challenge, so we are able to rent high quality dual suspension mountain bikes equipped with plus-sized tires, beefy aluminum and carbon frames, with dropper seat post for fun descents!

Everyone had a blast, and we were very impressed as many of us rode for over 20 miles.

To end our day we drove to Scottsdale, Arizona where we parked our RV for the night and did another cookout. Tomorrow, we head home, but the memories we have made will truly last a lifetime!

We have seriously seen so much this week, including many beauty’s of God’s creation that some people only dream to see. This trip has truly given us all a greater appreciation of the glory of God in the created world, and the long drives created a window for many important man-to-man conversations. We tested our strength on this trip, stretched our view of God’s creation, and hopefully grew to a fuller maturity as men of God.

Ty Faulk

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