Freedom Project – Friday – 3.31.17

On our final day of Spring Term, we took some time to reflect over what the Lord has been teaching us throughout the week. We began the morning reading from our book, Generous Justice, about our role as believers in working to restore shalom, or harmonious peace, to the world. It is not until we see the true beauty of Christ that we can begin to do justice from a sincere heart.

It was so encouraging to hear the ways that each of the students were impacted personally throughout the week. Some students shared that they began to see that all people have value, and that we should not judge them based on their situation. Some were encouraged by the worshipful hearts of the people we served alongside this week, and were challenged to love God and others boldly. Others still were struck by the importance of knowing how to share our faith with those who have different beliefs than we do.

Throughout the week we went to Atlanta to serve the vulnerable there, and today we had a chance to encourage and love those with whom we come in contact every day. The students made goodie bags filled with candy and wrote encouraging notes to the faculty and staff here at the school in order to thank them for the work they do every day in sharing the love of Christ.

We had a celebratory Hibachi team lunch at Volcano Steak & Sushi, before heading back to the school for our final project together. We read Isaiah 58 together and discussed how God calls us to give sacrificially of our time, power, goods, and resources to those who are in need. The students made paintings to represent the five kinds of need we are called to meet in Isaiah 58, namely the need for freedom from oppression, the need for food, the need for housing, the need for clothing, and the need for respect. Our prayer is that God will increase our desire to serve those in need as we see the beauty of how He identified with the poor through his saving work on the cross.

Joanna Kimbrel

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