Local Missions: ATL – Friday – 3.31.17

Over the week in Spring Term ATL we were able to do many things to further the kingdom of God.  Today specifically though, we were able to serve with an organization called Books For Africa. This organization partners with communities in Africa to be able to provide books and educational tools for the children in African countries.  Whil at Books for Africa we sorted, stacked, and packed the books to be shipped off overseas and help a child in need.  After this we went off to eat some tasty pizza, and play some paintball.  Which, as someone who had never played before, there was a learning experience but I would definitely love to play it again and would recommend it to anyone.

As the week comes to a close, looking back on everything that I have experienced this week, one of the biggest things that impacted me was Wednesday when we went to 7 Bridges and served food to the homeless.  The reason why this impacted so much was because it opened up my eyes to the situations which the homeless are living in, in Atlanta.  When we were under the bridge I was thinking about how dangerous it was, how nasty it was walking over feces, and how bad my head felt from the pollen.  But then I started thinking about how the homeless people have to live all the time scared of sliding off, having to live in their own waste, and not being able to go home to a nice home escaping the pollen/weather.  Overall though, it was an incredible week with an awesome group and amazing leaders.

Matthew Brown, Junior


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