MS Home Team – Thursday – 3.30.17

Day 3 turned out to be one of the most exciting, exhilarating experiences we’ve had all week. Our day began with a devotional on Gideon’s Army and going to war with only 300 men. Though he had a small group he was able to overtake a much larger army without having to lift his sword. God gives us the strength we need in times where we seem to be the weakest. After our devo we played a couple of team building games in the student life office before we took the long journey to POP Bubble Tea right around the corner to talk to Mr. Earp (NCCS Parent of Elizabeth Earp, Freshman) about how he got his business started and how bubble tea was made. Everyone tried all different flavors of bubble tea with popping pearls and tapioca. After POP Bubble we jumped on I-575 to Canton where we played paintball at the NITRO Paintball facility. After an hour of pelting each other with paintballs we paused for a lunch break. The staff at NITRO provided us with a hotdog lunch with chips and a drink. After lunch we went right back out into the field and played more paintball. After three and a half hours of doing battle with each other on the paintball field we got back on the bus tired and worn out. We all had a blast and it was an amazing experience for those who had played before and for those who played for the first time!

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