Top Gear – Thursday – 3.30.17

Top Gear Day Four was “racing for all the marbles.” 

All the racing we did today was for Amazon gift cards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places So, to start the day right everyone needed good energy. We had breakfast from Art’s bagels to give us the right fuel to make it through the day.

After a quick breakfast, we quickly went over the rules and laid out the brackets for our racing tournaments. There would be a Formula 1 bracket, a Gran Turismo Prototype Bracket, and Carrera Digital 124 Slot car bracket. Then we started playing our way through the brackets. One of the best moments was Thomas racing Isaac with the finish line in sight, Thomas somehow did a 180 turn in the middle of final straightaway, Isaac runs into Thomas (and spun him around more), and wins the race. It was one of the craziest moments on the track. Nick Henderson was tops in Gran Turismo Prototype racing, and Connor McArdle won the Formula 1 racing.

The racing on the “big track” with the Carrera Digital 124 Slot Cars was very heated and exciting. The chants “Ronnie, Ronnie” rang throughout the room. Once again guys raced in their brackets to advance. The Final Four came down to Ronnie Piepmeier, Kyle Pierre, Jake Watson, and Nick Henderson. Three of those four guys having the fastest times the entire week. Nick Henderson pulled out an impressive victory and the overall fastest 1 lap of the entire week.

We finished the day with an impromptu race at Daytona on the PS3. Daniel Clark won the tournament and gift cards to Andretti’s.

Tomorrow is our service project by doing oil changes, maintenance, and car detailing for some of the ladies on staff at NCCS.


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