Savannah Fall Term – Wednesday – 11.1.17

An early start to day one of our trip consisted of talking, laughter, and a couple of movies. Our bus ride was lots of fun because our drivers interacted with everyone. Also, we were excited to discuss the different sights we would see in Savannah.

Our first stop was beautiful Forsyth Park. We walked passed the historic Forsyth foundation to get to an open green area where we had a catered Subway lunch. The kids enjoyed hanging out in the green area, playing catch, and running around to burn off lots of energy.

After we spent time at Forsyth Park, we headed to River Street. We had time to browse the shops along the river. Savannah t-shirts were a big hit with all the girls while the boys could not wait to get ice cream. The River Street Sweets shop was the store the kids made sure to visit before we boarded the buses. The kids were excited with the wide variety of candy at the shop. We enjoyed dinner at Golden Corral.

To end the day, Mrs. McMullan led the group devotional scavenger hunt. Each group member worked together to locate a specific scripture from a set of clues and worked together to explain its meaning to a teacher or chaperone.

We are excited to see what day 2 holds for us.


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