6th Grade Fall Term 2017

For this year’s Fall Term the 6th grade attended Sojourn Adventures, which is a high ropes course in Johns Creek, Georgia. This is the third year I have led this trip and was once again impressed by the conquering of fears and united team building activities. The day began with various team building activities where students were encouraged to work together to accomplish certain goals; at moments in complete silence. After a delicious Subway lunch, the groups moved on to one of three high ropes: Triple Zip Line, Lil’ Swing and the Rock Wall.

My favorite thing about this trip is seeing students accomplish goals they never thought possible. Luke Meier was very hesitant to do the high ropes activities because of a broken arm, which is understandable. I watched with beaming pride as he climbed the rope ladder to the triple zip line with such determination. When he reached the top he was clearly proud that his determination paid off. He confidently stepped out to do the zipline, letting his arms wave behind him in victory.

Megan Justice was another student who was hesitant to climb the zip line, but she did it anyway! She had the support of her friends to spur her on to, “Take one more step!” and with that support she reached the top. She climbed back down, but we were all so proud that she conquered her fear of heights. She even mentioned going back for her birthday to try again.

Another thing I love seeing on this trip is servant leadership. After the students had been dismissed from lunch, Elizabeth Turnbough returned to wipe all of the tables down. She had not been asked and did not seek acknowledgment of this service, but simply did what she thought needed doing.

There are many more stories I could tell about this day, stories of students encouraging one another, stories of students conquering fears, stories of student working together to accomplish goals, stories of students seeking the best interest of others. All of these things are a reminder of why we go to Sojourn Adventures every year. What an adventure indeed!

MaryBeth Lawler


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