Haiti – Friday – 3.23.18

(Luke West) Coming to you live from the beautiful country of Haiti, it’s Luke West and Kali Arcemont! Today was Friday and it was paint day! After our first hot and sweaty night trying to sleep, we were up at 6:55 sharp for breakfast. After feasting on PB&J’s and cereal, the team headed out to Downtown Cabaret to paint a family’s house. Painting consisted of an inside and outside team with cream and pink paint. Between painting the walls, or each other, we got to play with the little kids that lived around the area. This led to many slap fights and games of catch. After a 3 hour shift, we headed to the campus for a quick lunch break. Then back to paint.

(Kali) The second half of our day was also spent painting. We went back to the same family’s house to apply the second coat. We moved a lot slower since we were all either distracted by the kids stealing our attention and hearts or talking with the locals, but we still managed to get it done in time for dinner. When we got back to Mission of Hope, we took a quick shower and grabbed an ice cold Coca Cola with dinner! To wrap up the day we went up to the rooftop to enjoy some debriefing and devotion time, and we are now settling down to the sound of rain before another hot and sweaty night with no A/C.

Signing out on day one, Kali and Luke


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