London – Thursday/Friday – 3.22/23.18

Hallelujah! We finally made it through the marathon that was the first 30 hours of our London trip! After leaving the school at 1:30pm on Thursday, we arrived at Heathrow International Airport at 7:00am Friday local London time. We definitely hit the ground running! After a day filled with castle visits, train hopping, cookie eating (shout out to Ben’s Cookies!), and Big Ben gazing, we were finally able to stop and take a second to soak in the wonder and energy of this marvelous city. As we prayed over the city under the glowing evening lights of Big Ben on the banks of the Thames, freezing in the blustery wind, it was really hard to not to feel the glory of God. As we looked upon the marvels constructed by the hands of men, we were reminded that those hands were only the vessel through which God himself revealed his majesty and creativity.

–Andrea Browning, US English Teacher

See some of the students’ highlights from the day below:

My favorite part of today’s journey was the Windsor Castle. Although I knew about Windsor Castle and have seen the images before, it was a completely new experience to experience the greatness myself. What struck me most was all the details of the art pieces, furniture, and interior designs of the castle. The smallest details of flower petals on the porcelain paintings, the details of portraits of English Queens, and the smooth surface of all the furniture in the entire castle was just amazing. It was very inspiring to see the contrast between the grandness the exterior of the castle demonstrates and the delicacy of the artifacts exhibited in the castle.

–June Baek, 10th grade

The most interesting aspect of this trip so far is how a small island country can have such a rich history and remain a prosperous nation. The reason the United Kingdom has such great luster is because many of its historical monuments and castles are still in full use today. This is compared to the rest of Europe who’s castles are mere artifacts from an illustrious time. The Queen of England was actually in Windsor Castle as we were touring the fortification today! We were literally in the same building as the Queen. This is a testament to the pride that the English have for their nationality, and I hope that we as Americans can follow in their footsteps.

–Kendall Byrd, 12th grade


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