Guatemala – Saturday – 3.24.18

What an exciting day it has been!  After our early departure from school, we made it to the airport, and navigated through many groups leaving the country to share the love of Jesus with others!   Our students are serving each other well! They have been so kind, thoughtful, and willing to help others without asking. We had Spanish vocabulary and grammar lessons while waiting in line before going through customs.  (Miranda made flashcards for her peers to learn basic phrases in Spanish.) They are anxious to start using what they have learned.

We arrived at Hope for Guatemala, Brad, his wife, and children (on staff missionaries from Alpharetta) were excited to welcome us here.  After we got settled in, Brad gave us a tour of the property. We saw the coffee plants, banana trees, where the corn is planted, and the garden area.  In Guatemala, the students have the week off for “Holy Week,” so the children will be here for longer periods of time each day.

After dinner, a soccer game, and card games, we had devotions.  Miranda and Faith reminded us that we are here to be the hands and feet of Christ, by loving on the children, not worrying that we are or aren’t doing enough, and just let God to the work.  We read the scripture from Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, and you have to only be silent.” Moses only had to lift up his staff and the sea was parted. The Israelites just had to trust that God was in control.  

We are hopeful, expectant, and excited for the work the Lord will do here with us, as His servants, and with the people of Guatemala!

Carrie Peterson
Spanish teacher


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