Haiti – Saturday – 3.24.18

Hello, it’s Katie Boyd here. Today we traveled back to Downtown Cabaret to install water filters. We had the humble opportunity to explain to the families that these filters will last them only ten years, but Christ, the living water will flow forever. My favorite part of the day was driving past the home we painted yesterday. When we drove by, the family recognized our bus and seemed pleased to see us as the children jumped up and down waving quite aggressively. We continued down the dirt road a little ways to where we installed the water filters. An entire community of people would join to watch. We were able to use translators to ask questions which led us to know how to pray for their individual needs. As we gathered our stuff before heading back to the bus, the families gave us a lifetime supply of hugs and said “mesi mesi mesi” (thank you, thank you, thank you) with contagious smiles. That’s only a small part of our day, but I must highlight one more thing. Dinner tonight was a definite 5 star meal. We indulged in chicken pasta with a side of cucumbers and carrots (I didn’t eat the carrots because EW). For dessert we had a slice of cake that had this icing on it that tasted like cinnamon roll icing. I don’t even know the flavor of the cake, but it was yummy in my tummy. I could write so much more but it’s time for our nightly devotions. TTYL! XOXO!

Hey it’s Blaine Luca, today was absolutely amazing. It started with installing the water filters for the villagers, but that isn’t what stood out to me. After we finished the water filters, at least 30 children swarmed to a field that we were standing by. So for the next few hours we had loads of children to play with. Though it was exhausting, it was loads of fun. The best part is when somehow some of the little girls got a hold of a pack of hair ties and decided to give me a new hairstyle. Giving out the water filters felt very awkward at first. I got to preach about how Jesus is the water of life to a group of Villagers while I put together their filter. Once I was starting to hang out with them afterwards, the awkwardness faded away.

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