Appalachia – Sunday – 3.25.18

Today, at 1:00, we left for Kentucky! The Appalachia Spring Term gathered with a few parents to pray over our trip and then we headed out. We started strong by singing, dancing in our seats, playing games, then within five minutes we were all asleep! A couple hours later, we woke up and were back having fun. The bus ride was so much fun..until we lost service in the mountains. We all briefly cried then faced the reality and started to all talk. This was the best part of the whole bus ride because we all had to unplug from electronics and talk to one another.

We arrived at RedBird Mission around 7:45 pm and jumped right in with singing and listening to the RedBird Mission for this year: To be an “Unexpected Light” to those around us and they can be the light of Christ for you. We prayed that we all could be a light for those around us for the week. After the service, we went straight to meet the other people that are here to serve. We all shook hands, and introduced ourselves to the “Michiganders.”

Around 9:20, we had our first group devotion for the week. For the devotion we read
1 Kings 4:29-34 and Ecclesiastes 1:13-17 which both talked about wisdom and knowledge in the Lord. After reading the verses we said a personal prayer and also prayed for the other spring term trips and the leaders of those trips. We each loved the devotion and coming together as a family in Christ. We are all looking forward to serving others in the Appalachian community tomorrow – Please pray that we will honor and glorify Christ in all we do.

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