France – Sunday – 3.25.18

Bonsoir de Paris!!

It has been a LONG day for the France Spring Term members! We’ve had a blast though!!

At 5:27pm, Saturday, we met at NCCS to say our “adieus” to our families and headed off for the voyage of a lifetime! The check-in was a breeze (thank you Delta), TSA peeps are awesome (no really), and the flight was quick (if you can believe that)! The airport arrival in Paris was a little long as we went ahead and exchanged USD for EUR, but it was well worth it when we arrived at the hotel.

En route to the hotel, we noticed a couple of very important things… there is a huge need in Paris with regards to homelessness and hunger. As we passed close to the périférique (Paris’ I-285), we noticed many homeless on the side of the road and staying under the overpasses. It was certainly heart-wrenching, but at the same time eye-opening.

We also noticed that motorcycles pretty much drive where they wish… My heart is still beating a little out of control.

Our hotel is so nice! The Ibis is treating us so well here! The rooms are so comfortable and the staff are very welcoming! After a slight bit of unpacking, we headed out for our first Metro ride through Paris. Our guide, Elizabeth, explained all about the Metro as we headed straight for the Notre Dame Cathedral by way of the Hotel de Ville (not a hotel, the city hall!). There were a ton of people visiting the church, but I was awestruck and so happy to see how many were attending the Mass service for Palm Sunday. Young and old were in attendance as the priests sang the prayers and scripture. Elizabeth explained quite a bit about the architecture of the cathedral and the history of its construction. She also explained to the students about Palm Sunday, and encouraged them to pray in this great building that holds 800 years of prayers in its walls.

Personally, I was also encouraged seeing our students praying together in this sacred place. It warmed my heart to see them light candles for those who have passed on before us. But moreover, to see how well they supported each other, most who are still praying hard for Jacqueline and her family. Man, we have some GOOD kids here!

We left Notre Dame for a quick stop off at the oldest English bookstore in Paris (that’s for you London peeps!), and then FINALLY ate a French dinner with the view of the cathedral! I have never, in my life, seen anyone eat more than Chas Savage…goodness! Between the Entrecôte, les frites, les escargots, et les pâtes bolognese…good.ness….

– Andrea Dignon

We took a long stroll to Place de la Concorde from there to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling! It was gorgeous! Tomorrow – LOTS PLANNED! Stay tuned and keep us in your prayers!

Bonne nuit!

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