Guatemala – Sunday – 3.25.18

We woke up way earlier than I wanted to due to a guy Charlie… he’s a rooster. A loud one. We started off the day by getting a nutritious breakfast of Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Coco Crisps, they were yummy. Then, we went to a market place where we bargained for prices. The people were really nice and I learned how to fluently say “no gracias.” After we left the market, we went and got some big chicken at Pollo Campero –

it’s Guatemalan KFC, but had better mashed potatoes and chicken. A highlight from today’s adventure included dropping off of a zipline and flying above a wonderful canopy. That was fun. 🙂 Afterwards, we went to get some yummy gelato because it was so hot and we sweat. A lot. Soon thereafter, we gathered as a whole to play soccer. We are bad, very bad. We all got showed up by Daniel, who is a native Guatemalan, but it was a very enjoyable experience that brought us together as a group. Later in the night, we participated as a group in worshipping together (Faith, Alex, and Anna Cate led us in worship) and then Alex Toole shared a devotion with us. She encouraged us to be open to new experiences and to never shy away from something foreign to you (haha get it?). Soon thereafter, there was a multitude of games that were being played as we were anxiously waiting for the children to arrive in the upcoming hours. We have really bonded as a group so far on this trip and we are so excited to finally get to meet and serve the kids here tomorrow!!

—Brian Arp (10th) & Carly Fletcher (12th)



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