London – Saturday – 3.24.18


It was a great privilege to be able to see one of the most well-preserved ancient Roman structures in Britain today. The Roman bath that we saw was beautifully detailed. The method of maintaining warm water and having a functioning steam room is a testament to the advanced mechanical minds of the people from the late Roman Empire. It is hard to imagine that an empire that existed two thousand years ago controlled territory from Britain to Syria, from Romania to Africa. Though it was flooded with constant wars and political strife, it maintained control of the known world for a great portion of recorded history. The fact that many of Rome’s monuments are still so well preserved demonstrates how the pragmatism of this ancient people can be a bastion of civilization for us to look to today.

–Kendall Byrd

Stonehenge was a fabulous creation that men made. Mrs. Browning and I laughed and made several theories about how it was made because it did not seem likely that men could make it with the technology they had in that time period. It did not have details or precisely calculated elements like the Roman bath we saw today, but the fact that they actually put the rocks in those shapes in that location from such a long distance really impressed and surprised me. It struck me more than the Roman bath because when I went to see the Roman bath, there were many buildings included and some other things I could look around at. On the other hand, at Stonehenge, there was literally nothing except those stones, yet it still left such a big impression on me. It had its own aura that kept making people looking at those structure constantly. Also, the fact that it has not changed shape for a long time is extraordinary. Usually, rocks can be cut off by wind, rain and storm as the time changes. However, these stones were not affected by any of those elements. It was so amazing to me that people from the ancient could do what we could not figure out even now.

–Josh Kim

*More pictures posted on the NCCS Facebook page!

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