Charleston – Monday – 3.26.18

Greetings from the Palmetto State!  We are here, we are safe, and we are eager to get our trip underway tomorrow.  Today’s paddle boarding got postponed due to the chilly conditions and small boat warnings in the area. We are hoping to try again on Wednesday.  Since we had a no specific place to go today we walked around the city for a couple of hours. Some students headed over to the Battery and Rainbow Row.  Some headed to the boutiques found along King St. in the historic district.

Dinner was at Rodney Scott’s BBQ (featured on Man, Fire, Food on the Food Network.).

This evening we were led in a devotional by senior Travis Chance who spoke to us out of Matthew 28:19,20 and reminded us that every spring term team is on mission this week including the Charleston team.  Travis told us that he had already shared with someone what we were doing here in their town. After Travis spoke we opened the notes sent to us by our precious prayer partners in Mrs. Wilczynski’s third grade class.  Each member of our team delighted in the encouraging and informative notes (Did you know there are bobcats in South Carolina?) as well as the attached packet of skittles!

Tomorrow morning we take a boat ride out to Ft. Sumter and then head to Patriot’s Point to visit the Medal of Honor museum, the USS Yorktown and a Cold War era submarine.  I am particularly interested in the exhibit called “the Vietnam Experience”. The day promises to be one of remembrance and a chance to honor the many who have served in uniform to safeguard our Liberty and way of life.  

Dr. Hedges

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