London – Sunday – 3.25.18

Today was a beautiful day. We started the day off with a church service at Holy Trinity Brompton. I can honestly say–perhaps somewhat with shame–that I was not necessarily prepared to experience the Holy Spirit in the way that I did there. I have always heard of the stoicism of the British, so I anticipated a somewhat reserved church experience. I could not have been more wrong. I was absolutely blown away by the power of the Spirit that moved within the body of believers. The church goers worshipped with complete abandon and sincerity in a way that we rarely experience in the States. At one point, the sanctuary was filled with the sound of only voices singing individually as the Spirit led. The pastor brought a beautiful word about the hope and healing that is found through the cross.

    We ended the day with some fellowship time with a family of missionaries who moved here in November. After spending six years in China, they were actually forced to leave because of their “religious activities.” They have since answered the call to serve here. I was in utter awe hearing the ease with which they shared these things with us. They had no fear, no hesitation, no concern. Their attitude towards serving no matter the cost was literally, “how could we not?” Things have been slow going here for them so far, so they asked that we pray for movement and a willingness for people to hear them out. I know that our NCCS family can definitely lift them up in prayer. We talked about how wonderful it is for believers to be able to have an automatic depth of connection because we are already brothers and sisters in Christ. How awesome it is to share that connection even across oceans.

— Andrea Browning

The British Museum was such a beauty! At first, I was shocked by the absolutely gorgeous exterior of the building. Then, I was taken aback by the fabulous interior that combined ancient times and modern times seamlessly. I was also amazed with all the exhibitions. The moment I stepped a foot inside the museum, I immediately knew that it would take me through experiences that I had never been through before. The grand courtyard was surrounded by enormous walls that made me think of the medieval times in Greece and Rome when both areas were at their most prosperous state. At the center of the main courtyard stood an astonishing, white, cylindrical building with spiral stairs dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II. It was such a breathtaking experience for me to live to see The British Museum.

–June Baek


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