New York: Arts – Sunday – 3.25.1

Greetings from NYC!!! Even though we haven’t even been in the Big Apple for a whole day yet, I can already tell this is going to be a long but incredibly fun week! Early this morning (11am), the New York Arts team met up at the school with the New York baseball team to depart for the airport. After waiting a couple of hours and grabbing some lunch in the terminal, we finally boarded and were on our way to New Jersey! When we landed, we were picked up in two luxurious vans to take us to our hotel in New York City. Being someone who has never been in NYC traffic before, I can definitely say that it was an experience! It made Atlanta traffic look like nothing..

After settling into our hotel rooms, we headed out to start our adventure in the city. We stopped by for a short touristy trip at the M&M store on our way to dinner at Schnippers. One of my favorite parts of the night was walking through Times Square and Broadway. I have always seen these sights in pictures and movies, but seeing it in person was breathtaking! We even had 53 whole seconds of New York snowfall! At Schnippers, I had an amazing blue cheese burger before walking a few blocks to the Empire State Building. 86 floors later, we had a beautiful view of the entire city!

After all of the walking, I had worked up an appetite for a second dinner, so Coach Rupp and Mr. Clingman graciously took me and a friend to a pizza joint across the street from our hotel to end the night with one last meal.. And a great one at that! I am so excited for the opportunity to be here in New York City with this awesome group of students and teachers! I can already tell that this is going to be an incredible trip, and I’m so glad I am getting to spend my senior Spring Term in such a beautiful place. I am excited to see what opportunities God will provide for us to grow and serve this week in NYC.

— Kayla Constantine, 12th grade

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