New York: Baseball – Sunday – 3.25.18

Day 1: By Ryan Suppa, 11th grade

We arrived at the school at 10:30 this morning to load the suitcases on the busses. We were joined by the Fine Arts Spring Term on the bus ride to Harts-field Jackson Airport. Once we arrived (12:00), we checked bags, went through security, and finally arrived at our gate (1:15). We all then ate while waiting to board the plane. Once we boarded the plane to Newark (1:45), we sat through an hour and a half plane ride until we arrived to Newark Liberty Airport (3:30). We started checking bags, when suddenly, THE Gil Navarro appears before our eyes to surprise us in that he’s going on the trip with us, and all was right with the world. Once we got our checked bags, we all piled into two Saint Benedict vans that brought us to the school (5:15). Once we arrived to the school, we were greeted by Coach Keane’s father, Dr. Lamourt who is the assistant head of school at Saint Benedict’s. We were then given room assignments and started to unpack. Once everything was organized, we were brought downstairs to eat dinner (Chicken Parm) and meet with more school officials. After our dinner, it was free time. During this time, we played catch outside, played jenga as well as pingpong and people watched the NCAA Tournament with some of the basketball  players who attend Saint Benedict’s. Austin Clark (Bucky) and Coach Navarro took home the jenga championship against Keane and Alex Sharpe – their names will forever be engraved in history.

We then played basketball with the other students from St. Benedict’s in the gym. Hunter Norman took on a 6’8 kid from Sweden and represented NCCS with a sick crossover.

We ended with a short devotion and went to sleep, ready for the day tomorrow.



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