Appalachia – Monday – 3.26.18

We start every morning at 7:15am with a short devotion led by a leader from the different visiting work groups. Today, the devotional was from Psalms 46. The Leader spoke about how we have an opportunity this week to be still without all of the “noise” of our usual everyday lives that included “to do” lists and technology devices.

Chip C- 11th Grade (Mrs. Roark Project)

Today our work crew started work on our project for this week fixing up Mrs. Roark’s home. Her home was in need of a new deck rail, new flooring in a bedroom and a kitchen wall replacement. We got straight to work by demolishing the deck railings and removing alI furniture in the bedroom. I had an opportunity to put in the new deck rail with Coach Matta. The rest of the crew was either scraping up old paint from the deck or pulling up flooring in the bedroom. Today was really impactful for me. It made me think about everything that I take for granted, and it made me appreciate what I have so much more. It felt great to know that I get to be part of something that can make a huge impact in Mrs. Roark’s life.

— Avery & Tyler (Mrs. Smith Project)

Today our work crew started out our day singing Taylor Swift on the way Mrs. Smith’s home, which is our service project for the week. When we got to the house most of us piled up on the roof and started removing the roof shingles with our equipment. We used tools to scrape up the shingles and remove the nails all while trying to keep our balance and not fall off the roof. The old roof had rotted boards which lets in leaks when it rains. Once all the shingling was off we got to cut new replacement  boards for her roof. I got to use a power saw for the first time and it was really cool!! At about 12 we headed over to the local convenience store to buy sodas and eat lunch, and that is when we met the dogs. Only one of them, a Husky, let us pet him and someone even ended up going inside the store to buy it food (which we still have) and we spent a while petting her. After lunch we headed back and finished up laying the foundation for the rest of the roofing. We put down a vapor barrier and we will put new shingles on in the morning. When we were done the lady gave us a bowl of candy which we all enjoyed.

I thought I would dread the long work day but I actually had a good time. There was something relaxing about sitting on a roof and looking at the pretty scenery, feeling the cool breeze. It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow.

— Avery S. – 11th Grade

I thought that the work we were doing was going to be long and tedious, but it ended up being fun and went by really fast. I am so thankful for my group and the good times we have already shared and I’m so excited for the rest of the week.

— Tyler B. – 11th Grade

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