College Tour – Monday – 3.26.18

When we arrived at LaGrange College, we went into the chapel to learn more about the college and all it offers. The admissions director told us about their 4 core values: civility, service, diversity, and excellence. Every student that comes to LaGrange is awarded $8,000 of scholarship money and can earn up to $15,000 depending on their grades and test scores. One thing that is really cool is that the school gives $2,500 to juniors and seniors for study abroad programs to motivate them to go and experience new cultures. They also have culture enrichment classes which provide the students with the opportunity to take classes that may not align with their major, but are classes they are interested in. We took tours of the dorms, the science building, the math building, the library, and “the caf,” which is their dining hall; their chef also used to be the chef for Zac Brown Band. Overall, LaGrange was a great experience!

-Elizabeth Earp

Following our LaGrange visit, we started our tour at Auburn in the Recreation and Wellness Center. We even got a chance to visit with a NCCS Alumni, Trey Collins. He shared his own experience and gave us some fun facts about traditions on campus. Afterwards, we took a guided tour of the EPIC Rec Center. There was a winding track above us, a climbing wall, multiple gyms, exercise equipment, a zen garden, and much more! Following our tour, we began a self-guided one and enjoyed a few sights of the life at Auburn. We visited the new library, student center, and bookstore. After shopping for some Auburn gear, we loaded the bus for dinner. War-Eagle!

By: Piper Fendley


We ended the evening at Hollywood Connection in Columbus, where we laughed through roller skating, putt putt, laser tag, and arcade games. The hand-spun milkshakes were the cherry on top!

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