Foodie Tour – Monday – 3.26.18

Our day started at 8:00 in the morning sharp! The bus ride was about two hours, nothing bad. Arriving in Chattanooga we had breakfast at Niedlov’s Bakery – a nice cafe that had a very modern aesthetic. Grant and Myles had “cruffins” – towering muffin/croissant goodies. We then made our way over to the Hunter museum – first crossing a large pedestrian bridge and then a glass bridge.  In case you don’t know, Mrs. West is petrified of heights and bridges – and elevators. After touring the museum, we then headed to the Two Ten Jack Ramen House. This is not like the cheap ramen noodles in the grocery store! A very savory asian meal where everybody seemed to be extremely satisfied with their meal, which was immediately followed by the Moon Pie General Store where each of the students received $20 to spend however they saw fit. Everyone was pretty tired after that so we all decided to go check into the hotel and take some much needed rest! To top off the night we went to get some great Italian food at Alleila. Mrs. West ordered for the group so we could all try something different.  The food never seemed to stop. But no worries – we still had room for dessert at Milk and Honey. They had lots of amazing flavors of gelato and everyone got to mix and match! They also had really good lattes. Our evening plans had been to go to a Karaoke bar for a little fun, but it’s not open on Monday nights and we were all so tired and so full that we didn’t complain about heading back to the hotel. Finally clocking out at the hotel for a very successful day.

Sean Roney and Mrs. West

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