Foodie Tour – Tuesday – 3.27.18

Still reeling from our food coma induced by last night’s amazing dinner, we opted to forgo a fancy breakfast and grab breakfast at the hotel.  For a hotel breakfast, it was pretty good. Some of us got to see the NY:Arts Spring Term on Good Morning America while we ate at the hotel. That was super cool!  

We loaded the bus and headed to Alpharetta to attend the Publix Apron’s cooking school. That place is fun! We chose the Mexican Global Menu, but all the food we had wasn’t like any Mexican you can get at a local restaurant.

We made Molotes (Masa Fritters with Choizo & Potatoes) that were topped with an awesome black bean sauce, Sopa de Chile Poblano (Poblano Soup), and Mole Amarillo de Res Con Arroz Verde (which I’m pretty sure is Spanish for “a whole lot of goodness in a big thick stew”).  We also made Flan, because everyone needs dessert!

The cooking class was so fun, we all got involved in making this great big meal and learned great cooking skills that we can definitely use at home.  But eating the meal was even better! We had leftovers that we were able to take home and feed our families tonight. Traffic was horrible on our way back, so we got back a little late and very tired, but we’re going home to rest up for our big day of service at Acworth Elementary tomorrow.

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