France – Monday – 3.26.18

Paris vous aime!!!

Before I dive into the blog…. Wy’Kia Frelot is a BEAST! She was accepted to USC today! Félicitations Wy’Kia! We are SO proud of you! And what a memory to find out in Paris!

It was an AMAZING day today in Paris! What was originally slated to be a rainy Monday turned out to be sunny and beautiful! God is good! After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we headed out to visit the world’s largest art museum! THE LOUVRE! It was amazing and HUGE! The students spent the first part of the day looking at the beautiful and immense paintings, sculptures, and tapestries from Ancient Rome, Ancient Greek, The Middle East, and French and Italian Renaissance! The students saw the Venus de Milo statue and the MONA LISA! AHHHH! It was awesome! And crowded and hot! Any other group (and believe me, we saw plenty) would have complained through it all, but no…not this group! They were fantastic! We talked about the history of the Louvre, the history of Paris, and the Royals that lived in the Palais.

(side note: Thank you Chas Savage for the perfectly timed reminder that God’s Got This!!!)

We stopped outside for a quick group picture at the pyramids and then headed off to our cooking class! Oh. My. Goodness!!!! How insane was that!?!?!! We learned how to make macarons from scratch!! Brian is apparently America’s Next Top Chef! Move over Gordon Ramsay!

Madame Dignon went out and bought authentic French sandwiches for the group and we sat out by the Seine River for lunch! It was so picturesque! We walked by the Georges Pompidou Center (a modern art museum) and saw the juxtaposition of French Gothic Architecture and Modern Art!

On our way, I personally witnessed the amazing love of our students! They sacrificed some of their sandwiches to the homeless! It was beautiful to watch God work in them and through them!

Then, OH MY!!! We took another adventurous Metro ride to the Arc de Triomphe at the Champs Elysées, where we witnessed the laying of the flowers and rekindling of the flame that lights the tomb of the unknown soldier who lies at the base of the Arc. It was a beautiful thing to behold!

We then walked down the Champs Elysées, shopping and eating (Haagen Daas) before returning to the hotel for devotions and bed! Devotions today were about crossing the culture divide and becoming more aware of cultures in general, understanding them, respecting them, and taking time to use our gifts to be a light to others.

Tomorrow, we will be heading out of Paris for a day at VERSAILLES!!

Praying for all the Spring Term trips that headed out today! May you have safe travels, and keep your eyes open to all He has prepared for your path!

Much love! (And be prepared for blog posts from the kiddos tomorrow!)

Madame D… out!

**More pictures posted on the NCCS Facebook page**

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