France – Tuesday – 3.27.18

Today was an absolutely amazing day that didn’t look so amazing at the start! We woke up to a cold and rainy day, but knew God had something for us!  First though, we had a scrumptious French breakfast together at our hotel with croissants, crepes, and other delicious breads and jelly along with fruit and meats and cheeses. And we can’t forget to mention all this with some of the best coffee ever! Madame Dignon is a HUGE fan!

After breakfast we took the RER to the Chateau de Versailles and ended up waiting for a long time in the rain – but oh the fun memories that can be made huddling together underneath a neighbor’s umbrella, trying to stay somewhat dry and warm. We also found that there was so much sharing and caring going on in that wet, rainy scene! The kids care about each other and tried to help each other to stay warm, dry and still have fun!

The wait was so worth it – we saw more gold than we will see in our whole lifetime as we toured the Château de Versailles and heard so much of the history of it – Thanks to our fantastic tour guide Elizabeth. 🙂

Just as we were done and ready to walk into Versailles to get some lunch, the weather cleared up  and everyone was able to have time to share lunch together.
With a little bit of down time to recoup before going to see the Eiffel Tour – how awesome that was to see it up close and personal all lit up, as a beacon to all those around. The theme for this trip is perseverance and a ‘just go with it’ mentality.

We found out upon arrival that the elevator to the Tour was broken and only the stairs could be used!!! 700 steps, 1 billion calories, and massive muscle building later, we arrived at the second level! It was amazing!

We rounded off the night with pizza while Amanda Woodstock shared a devotional for us comparing the Eiffel Tower, as a beacon of light to all those around it, to us taking the love of Christ and the gospel to all those we come in contact with. She continued with another connection to our morning and the fact that we were all standing outside today in the rain and all we wanted was some help! Someone to help us stay dry and warm. That is what others around us want – some help – to find the answers to what they are looking for – and boy do we have the answer in Jesus Christ!

— Mrs. Debbie Brink

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