Haiti – Tuesday – 3.27.18

Reese Ballard here. Today was a fun day filled with relaxation. Our group went to Wahoo Bay Beach Resort near Kaliko, Haiti. There was a pool, yummy smoothies, and plenty of ocean to enjoy throughout the day. We went snorkeling for a short period of time and saw many exotic fish. I loved spending the day with my friends and building relationships. It was fun to see them enjoy this relaxation day after a couple of hard work days of painting. We finished off the day by going to a worship service in the Haitian church. We sang many songs and it was cool to see all the Haitians really get into the worship. We are all worshipping the same God and that amazes me. Today was a fantastic day.
(Romans 6:23)

Hey NCCS family, it’s Bekah Hardin here! This is my second time coming on this trip to Haiti, and I can definitely say that God is moving in this country. His presence has been so evident to me this past week. Today, our group saw His magnificence in the form of creation. As we pulled into the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort, there was beautiful clear blue water with endless mountain ranges in the background. Coming from a girl who loves to travel, Haiti is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. I can’t even explain in words the awe and wonder that comes to mind when imagining these beaches. Our group had so much fun getting to go deeper into the water and snorkel! We also got some much needed relaxing time. For everyone at home, please pray that our team would feel energized to share the gospel tomorrow! Also, please pray for the hearts of the people receiving water filters. Pray that they would be open and receptive to the Word!

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