Local Missions: Cobb – Monday – 3.26.18

Day 1 was a success! We headed out to 7 Bridges ministry today.  We brought with us donations of water, detergent, diapers, bologna and bread. After putting together hundreds of lunches, we headed out to the Bluffs, one of poorest neighborhoods in Atlanta.  Our students were tasked with handing out lunches to the people we ran into on the streets, and they were asked to pray for those people. We were super proud of our group. They jumped right in and did not hesitate to get to know the people they were praying for.  

Impactful moments of the morning:  

  • We met a mom/grandma single-handedly taking care of 9 kids.  Her faith that God was in control and would provide was amazing.
  • We got to sing Happy Birthday to a 4 year old little girl with the biggest grin.
  • One of the homeless ladies we met asked if anyone had a pair of gloves to give her.  Tre Robinson did not hesitate for a second. He reached in his backpack and pulled out his gloves and gave them to the lady.  
  • Several of the people we met were moved to tears by the kindness and generosity of our students.
  • It was amazing to see how many of the people we met this morning requested prayers.  The lunch provided was almost secondary.
  • We were impressed by the 7 Bridges Ministry.  They host up to 100 women and children in their shelter, and they have 3 separate shelters for men.  They feed 85,000 meals to the homeless on a yearly basis. Their work is entirely dependent on donations and volunteer work.

Coach Parker and Mrs. Post

In Rachel Turnbough’s words(9th grade):

The best parts of today were seeing  the results and the beauty of our obedience. – Mark 16:15

Walking in some of the worst parts of Atlanta, we saw many homeless and less fortunate people. Though some were homeless, they had joy in their spirits and so appreciated our love and prayers. I also loved seeing my classmates step up and be the hands and feet and voices for Christ. So many of them were such great examples and I know that God will reward them greatly for it. Like our leader Charles said, we saw that God always provides. These less fortunate people are even more dependent on God than us, and still God is faithful. In your own life, remember that God loves you and He provide your own needs. If you, the reader, would like to pray for some of these beautiful people, they’re listed below. A lot of them requested prayer for God’s provision, for positivity, and life altogether. Please also pray that God will be with each of them and pour out his love upon them. Here are some of their names:

Jason & Isabella (his daughter)
Here’s the main church who helps these people: 7 Bridges To Recovery

Praise the Lord for we are “blessed and highly favored!”

In Joseph Migliore’s words:
Today was a day that changed many fellow students, teachers and the people we helped. We visited a place in need and helped them how we could, What I saw was a trash filled place with broken down homes, many evicted and closed down. But among all this trash and broken things, I found many people. People with great hearts, happy to talk with us and pray. Loving people hungry for not only food but for God. These people showed me and many others a strong faith, though they had nothing to rely on. They didn’t need anything because they had God. Some wanted prayer more than the food. This experience showed us truly , that even though they have nothing they can still have a faith in God. This taught me and other students that if you’re going through a hard time, have faith in God. Just like the people we met, because no matter what they are going through they rely on God. Finally, this taught me that we are truly grateful and blessed for what we have that people need help, even if it is just a sandwich and prayer. We can help them and make a difference in their life that will set them on the right path, all while loving and staying beautiful to God.

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