London – Monday – 3.26.18

Our Monday was spent in the lovely college-town of Oxford. While exploring the university and city streets, we were able to immerse ourselves in the culture of the town.

I particularly enjoyed visiting the UGA House at Oxford and enjoying a delicious lunch there. I loved seeing all the beautiful architecture and nature that surrounds the campus. We were surrounded by a garden of beautiful, native flowers and the historic buildings converted into stunning university housing. It was truly incredible to visit a university from home that supports such an incredible study-abroad program.

I also enjoyed visiting the university itself, one of the largest filming locations for the Harry Potter films. Since I love the series, I was extremely happy to see the culture and setting for the series. Walking through downtown, I felt like I was stepping through the scenery of J.K. Rowling’s best selling books. I felt blessed to visit a place that inspired a world-wide phenomenon.

Lastly, I just enjoyed getting to “live” locally for the day. For lunch, we were instructed to shop at a local grocery store for our picnic at the UGA House. It was very interesting to see the differences between US supermarkets and the tiny groceries of England. For dinner, we ate at a pub that once served C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien called Eagle and Child. We were able to order London favorites or even dishes from close to home. I loved the opportunity to immerse in the tastes of England and try something new!

~Caitlyn Bennett

Today in Oxford was probably my favorite day so far. Oxford University is probably the most beautiful campus I have ever visited. I was amazed at all of the architecture and the minute details that made the structures so breathtaking. Everything from the stained glass to the toes on the statues were all thought through. We also visited the UGA house at Oxford which was equally as breathtaking. The weather turned out to be warm and sunny which allowed us to see the amazingly beautiful flowers throughout the garden at the house. It is hard to believe that after many years the campus is still lively and preserved. I also particularly enjoyed the walks we were able to take; although they were kind of long (we walked almost 10 miles!), it allowed us to see the area around Oxford and the downtown more thoroughly.

-Katie Waldron

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