Lord of the Rings – Monday – 3.26.18

The Lord of the Rings short course is off with a blast! We viewed Fellowship of the Ring today. We have several goals for the week:

  1. First, we’re being “AP” viewers: looking for alethia (truth in Greek) and pathos (feeling in Greek). Good stories convey truths and convey feelings; we’re taking our minds to the piers of The Lord of the Rings to see what truthful cargo and emotional goods come to us in the ships of J. R. R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson, especially truths and feelings that the Bible teaches us to hold and to treasure.
  2. Between the films, students are also working on their own projects. Remember that thing that you’re always wanting to get around to exploring or doing or learning, but never have time for? That’s what we’re doing with our down time between films. We have students making paintings, arranging music, composing poetry and stories, and putting together video tutorials. It’s exciting to see the students want to put off heading to lunch or starting the next scene because they want to keep working on their project.

-Zack Shaffer

Today we got to kick off our spring term with a great start. We watched the entire first movie and started on our innovation projects. We also had some great snacks provided by the amazing Mrs. Shaffer and also got to eat lunch at Subway. The first movie is sometimes thought of as the “most boring” movie in the trilogy simply because it lacks many fight scenes, but the cinematography and amazing New Zealand landscapes really convey the beauty of the world (both Middle-Earth and our world!). One of the most powerful scenes from the first movie, and the theme I’m basing my project on, was when Gandalf is confronting the Balrog at the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm and sacrifices himself for the sake of the fellowship.

-Caleb Crumly, edited by Zack Shaffer


Caleb Slyman working on his innovation project

Today we watched the first Lord of the Rings film. We are trying to connect what we see in the series to what we see in the Bible. One way we are doing this is by doing our project. We are to find a way to make or do something that helps others, is related to Lord of the Rings in some way, and that we enjoy doing. 

-Tyler Russ, edited by Zack Shaffer



Abel is writing some poetry and Caleb is painting a picture.


Grady working on culture slideshow.




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