Media Tour – Monday – 3.26.18

Atlanta Media Tour is off on our first day of an exciting week! We began our morning with a prayer led by Paisly Boston, and then we headed towards Atlanta! On the way down to Atlanta, we listened to 104.7 The Fish Radio, which excited us for our upcoming visit this morning to the Fish Studios. After a quick trip to Starbucks, we met Rick and Dan from Faith Talk and Kevin and Taylor from the Morning Radio Show at The Fish. Students were able to ask questions about how they got their start in the Radio Industry and what their typical day looks like. One of the coolest moments of the morning was that we were able to have a spotlight speaking on 104.7 with Parks Stamper! As a group, we said “104.7 The Fish” in between songs! Parks told us about how God led her into the Radio Broadcasting industry after completing a Degree in Theatre at the University of Tennessee.

At lunchtime, we enjoyed food and good conversations at the first Moe’s Southwestern Grill in Atlanta! After lunch, Rylie Boston led our time of devotion from Psalm 106 and a time of prayer.

Next up, we toured the Mercedes Benz Stadium! We even got an insider view of Arthur Blank’s private apartment. Our group also enjoyed walking onto the field, seeing the Atlanta United locker room, and seeing the Falcons locker room. We were amazed at the exclusive clubs and eating establishments in the Stadium. A particularly fun moment was when Mr. Bitner and Justin Day led a “press conference” to end our tour!

As we headed back to the school, we decided to visit a new coffee shop, Tinito’s Coffee House, on Chastain Road. We caught up with Kevin Avery from 104.7 The Fish, who was a celebrity barista for the day to support his daughter at her new job!

We are looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow!

— Brianna Westland

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