New York: Baseball – Monday – 3.26.18

Day 2: By Hunter Norman, 12th grade

Monday March 26th was the first full day at St. Benedict’s Prep School. This morning we woke up and had a scrumptious breakfast. Then, we went to have a meeting about some things we liked about St. Benedict’s that we should try to instill in the school, the team, and ourselves. Overnight everyone’s minds opened up and had time to think and process what we learned about the school and how we can transfer it to our community. We were able to get a deeper look into the school and how it is run when the students took us on a tour of the campus. We heard about the differences between how the school is run and ours. We would all like to bring some things that their school inserts in their students like family, honesty, accountability, and compassion for one another. It was eye opening to hear that the students run the school and are in charge of basically everything in the school with some guidelines from the elders. The trust they have as a community and school was impressive to see and hear about. Later we had an outstanding Cuban meal and enjoyed time together in a different setting. Next, we had a meeting between some of the players and decided on how we can better ourselves and each other and instill some assets from the school into the team. After we had an outstanding discussion we decided to go play some pickup basketball. The highlight of the games was when Coach Keane decided to guard me and I embarrassed him so much he didn’t play the next game. 😉 Other than that everyone seemed to have a great time playing against each other, airballing shots, throwing the ball to nobody, and banking in game winners ( The man himself Carter Guarino).


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