Proverbs 31:30 – Tuesday – 3.27.18

Our day started off early, 6:45am.  Our adventures started with zip lining and ended with horseback riding. When we arrived at Banning Mills and saw the zip lining lines and how high they were, some of the ladies were scared and intimidated. However, once we went down the first line everyone loved it!  One of the funny parts about this trip is when Hayden Porter and Kayla Clingman forgot to brake with their hands and ran into the worker and the tree.

The horse back riding was also really fun.  We had to split into two groups as we rode for an hour on mountain trails. We had to ride up hills and ride down the hills.  At one point, when going down, the horse would start getting faster and some girls almost fell off!

Due to riding at different times, we went on hikes until everyone was done.  We walked onto a shaky bridge which was a little scary but still very fun. This was our day two adventure of Proverbs 31:30.

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