Rocks – Monday – 3.26.18

The Rocks team visited Hogg Mine in LaGrange, Georgia.  We marveled at the beauty of God’s creation as we encountered a host of rocks and minerals. Students enthusiastically dug through mounds of dirt searching for treasures.  Others patiently sifted through what had been washed out with the recent rains. Each carefully examined their finds seeking to find a precious stone hidden by the gunk in which it was encrusted.

Later, we visited Escalade Climbing Gym to scale manmade cliffs.  For many students, this was an entirely new experience and each bravely attempted the venture.  I watched as a student ascended halfway up the wall, and froze. I watched for her progress, but observed that she suddenly was paralyzed by fear.   From below, I offered encouragement, but to no avail. Quickly our climbing expert Simon, called to the student, “I’m on my way up! Wait for me and we’ll do this together! It’s a lot easier when I show you how!”  As Simon came alongside the climber, he queried, “You’re looking down, right? Don’t look down. Instead look up!” With his instruction and encouragement, Simon was able to quell the student’s fears and together they journeyed to the pinnacle.  

As a believer, I was struck by the expression, “Don’t look down.  Instead look up!” I pray that in all we do this week, we are continually looking “up” to the higher plans of the Lord.  I am also excitedly anticipating the formation of relationships for the members of our team. I know that this week each one will have an opportunity to do as Simon by coming alongside another to offer encourage.  I hope that in those moments the objective is to “look up” heavenwardly and I pray that these relationships and behaviors will endure.

— Angela Heitz


Here are a few random summations of day one from the ST Rocks crew:


Jake:  We pushed rocks down a hill like a Looney Toons character


Nathan:  We SHATTERED boulders!


Nikita:  I found a piece of rose quartz


Noah:  “I got a rock!” Charlie Brown.


John:  It was fun to see what was beneath the ground.


Eddie:  My new favorite rock: tourmaline.  I found the largest beryl crystal!


Ansley:  My favorite rock was aquamarine and I found a lot of these.


Lily:  All of the rocks were awesome!


Udochi:  It was fun to be outside.


Mr. Vreeland:  This is the best Spring Term I’ve ever taken.

Mrs.  Heitz:  Students, sledge hammers, and pickaxes, oh my!

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