Washington, DC – Monday – 3.26.18

The 8th grade class headed to Washington, DC and the fun began!  Safely arriving at Dullas International Airport the class of 2023 launched into their annual 8th grade adventure at the National Archives, the home of the Declaration of Independence.  By the time our kids had finished their visit with our nation’s most powerful paperwork, it was time to recharge with a visit to the Nation’s Capital premier eatery…”Food Truck Row”.  Otherwise known as a food blitz, students were exposed to a variety of delicious delicacies on wheels.  Our next stop was the Smithsonian Museums as we experienced the top three on the Washington Mall…Air and Space, Museum of Natural History and American History Museum.  Undaunted by a practical marathon of museum marvels students were happy to experience authentic Italian cuisine at dinner.

The highlight of the day was traveling as a team to some of the memorials that seem to embody the purpose of our visit to our nation’s capital.  Students presented a biblical perspectiv

rial and MLK Memorial:  students were challenged by several interactions with powerful quotes,  this one in particular was presented by Bryce Crawford, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

As we wrapped up the evening with team devotions, students were reminded to reflect while embarking on this Washingtonian adventure… students were challenged to be “in the moment” and participate in the immersion of history they are experiencing daily.  From the Saturn V to Dorothy’s slippers and the original flag that was blood soaked for our freedom, you can be sure that our 8th graders are fully engaged in a process of wonder and remembrance that is very real part of the magic of Washington DC.

— Craig Konchak


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