Xtreme Men – Monday & Tuesday – 3.26/27.18

Monday, March 25

Today begins Xtreme Men 2018! Our adventures began today by gathering together and diving into God’s Word. This week we will focus on what it means to become a strong man. Men desire to be strong, but strength is something that is holistic and not just in our muscles. Strength is defined as being strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. To be strong physically means that one can endure and carry his own weight to serve others and the world. Mental strength means that one can persevere through difficulty, hardship, and adversity. And, spiritual strength means that one seeks their Joy in God and His gifts through growing in God’s grace, spiritual support from others, and spiritual love towards others. We were able to dive both into Psalm 16:1-3 and Psalm 1 to look at the first part of that today.

We then went to push our physical strength at Andretti’s Indoor Karting. One might think this was our easiest challenge, but surprisingly maneuvering and racing the high speed Advanced level karts at Andretti’s is no easy task and places a lot of stress on the shoulders and upper body, while also elevating heart rate. The strongest survived with Robert Howard coming out the fastest, Mr. Faulk coming out second, and Chandler Quigley taking 3rd.

Looking to tomorrow we are excited to serve the City of Acworth and spend the afternoon in the treacherous battlefields of paintball

— Ty Faulk, Upper School Bible Teacher

Tuesday, March 27

We started out today by diving into Psalm 16:4, and we were reminded that “the sorrows of those who run after other God’s shall multiply.” Psalm 16 is all about Xtreme joy, and men that are seeking to grow in strength of mind, body, and spirit, will grow in the joy of God. The problem, however, is that as men we are constantly being bombarded with false gods. Whether its false God of fame, wealth, success, or relationships, we know that whenever those things are made gods that our “sorrows multiply”. These things are all good servants to reach our end of glorifying God, but they make bad masters. Pray that our young men continue to realize that truth.

After diving into God’s Word we were able to serve the City of Acworth. In April the City hosts several important events like the Acworth Arts Fest that is in a few weeks. We were able to clean up the landscaping and prepare the for the visitors with fresh mulch.

After serving, we headed out to Arkenstone Paintball where we spent the remaining hours in full out paintball battle. The bruises and welts may be temporary, but the experience of building teamwork and strategy within all of the different types of games that Arkenstone offers will last. Paintball is something that builds mental strength and physical strength as one faces the adversity of the fun yet pressured situation of trying to build a strategy with the risk of being struck by screaming paintballs!

Tomorrow, we look to the sky as we head to xtreme high ropes and zipline courses at Banning Mill! May we reach another level of maturity and mental and physical strength through that experience!

— Ty Faulk


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